With summer knocking on the door, we’re all getting ready for the height of vacation season. The warmer months mean barbecues, days in the park, and most importantly, a much needed break from work to round up the family for some quality time.

Whether that means a trip across the ocean or a family reunion by the lake, making custom t-shirts for the group is a perfect way to remember the times you were able to somehow get everyone together. We’ve got the tips and inspiration that will help you design them yourself and take your vacation planning to the next level.

An example family reunion t-shirt design that's mountain themed.

Custom family reunion t-shirts and activities

If you’re the lucky family member responsible for planning the annual reunion, you’ve probably already spent your fair share of time thinking of activities to get everyone involved.

Aside from the classic yard games like corn hole and sack races, our hands-down favorite is a frozen t-shirt contest where each person is given a pre-frozen t-shirt and competes to get it on the fastest. Not only does it guarantee to cool you down on a hot day, but this might be the best way we can think of to hand out your custom family reunion t-shirts.

An example family vacation t-shirt design that's beach themed.

Family reunion designs ideas

Start with some inspiration to help put your design together. For a quick and easy place to get started, try out some family reunion design templates that still give you all the flexibility to add your name, change colors, and customize it to fit the occasion.

What’s the venue? You can take your design further than just your name by picking out clip art or even uploading your own image that shows off the beach, mountains, lake, or wherever else you can manage to get everyone in one place. If you’ll have at least 12 family members you’re ordering for, keep the number of colors in your design to a minimum and try screen printing to get the best bang for your buck.

An example family vacation t-shirt design that's cruise themed.

Family vacation t-shirts and destinations

We’re all about being original, and as you plan this year’s family adventure, think outside the box with some unexpected family vacation ideas. No matter how far out of the ordinary, making your own custom family vacation t-shirts will make sure you match the destination to a tee… pun intended.

A display of family vacation t-shirt designs.

Vacation t-shirt design ideas

Just like your other annual events, we have a whole slew of vacation design templates that will get you going down the right track. These are always fully customizable with colors, text, even swap out clip art and upload your own designs. Get inspired by your vacation, highlighting what drew you there in the first place and you’ll always be able to keep your t-shirts as a happy reminder.

Making custom t-shirts to share with the family brings us together in the best way we know how. It gets everyone excited when they get their own t-shirt, made just for them, to wear and remember the occasion with. Let the whole family have fun with it and incorporate one more way that makes your quality time special.

With everything else you have to plan, designing t-shirts to go with your trip can be daunting. If free clip art and design templates isn’t enough to get you going, feel free to contact us and our customer service team would be happy to help.