Whether you're creating shirts for your business, brand, or personal use, keeping up with the latest design trends can help you stay relevant and stand out in a crowded market. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the top t-shirt design trends for 2023.

  1. Bold Typography
flatlay of a brightly colored t-shirt with a bold design that has the word "Tennis" repeating vertically

Bold typography is a trend that has been gaining momentum in recent years, and it's set to continue in 2023. This trend involves using large, bold fonts in eye-catching colors to make a statement on your shirt. Whether you're using a simple slogan or a more complex message, bold typography is a great way to create a powerful and memorable design.

2. Monoline Nature-Inspired Designs

Flatlay of a custom tee that has a nature inspired design for a summer camp.

Monoline nature-inspired designs are becoming increasingly popular. This trend involves using imagery from the natural world, such as plants, animals, and landscapes, to create a design that feels fresh, organic, and sustainable. Monoline badge designs are simplified designs made from a single line. These designs can be found all over the place from logos to badge designs for t-shirts.

3. Minimalism

Flatlay of a neutral colored shirt that has a simple golf inspired custom design.

Minimalism is a timeless trend that is set to continue in 2023. This trend involves using simple, clean designs with a limited color palette to create a sleek and modern look. Whether you're using a single image or just a few lines of text, minimalism is a great way to create a design that feels sophisticated and understated.

4. Retro and Vintage

Flatlay of a t-shirt that has a retro bowling design on it.

Retro and vintage designs have been popular for a while now, and they're not going away anytime soon. This trend involves using imagery, fonts, and colors that are reminiscent of past decades, such as the 70s or 80s. Whether you're using bright colors and bold fonts or creating a distressed look, retro and vintage designs are a great way to create a design that feels nostalgic and playful.

5. Wavy Text

Flatlay of a custom gym tee that features unique wavy text that says "Anti Social Lifting Club"

The wavy text design trend is a popular design style that has emerged in recent years, characterized by the use of fluid, curving lines to create a sense of movement and flow in text. Wavy text designs can take many forms, from simple, undulating lines to more complex, organic shapes that resemble waves, clouds, or even animals.

In the realm of fashion, custom t-shirt design trends are the ultimate form of self-expression. As we conclude our exploration of these 2023 trends, remember: these shirts are more than fabric; they're bold statements of art and identity. With our curated catalog of t-shirts, sweats, and more, you are sure to find the perfect fit for every style and occasion. So pick your favorite trend, wear it with pride, and let your uniqueness shine through every custom tee.