After posting our previous article outlining the entire screen printing process in pretty serious detail, we figured we needed a good way to boil down the key points. So, we put together an infographic for those a little short on time and attention so everyone is sure to get the important details.

An infographic illustrating the five primary steps of the screen printing process.

We’ll include an easy-to-read outline of all the information from the above graphic:

The Screen Printing Process

A step-by-step breakdown of how your order is screen printing with the key advantages that matter most.

  1. Artwork prep – Each Screen printed design starts on the computer where we separate colors from each other and prepare a new document with our printing information.
  2. Screen making – Each color is first transferred to clear film and then burned with UV light to create a stencil on individual screens coated with emulsion.
  3. Ink mixing – Ink is prepared by mixing the appropriate color along with any additives to make the final design print and feel great.
  4. Printing – Screens and squeegees are all loaded into a printing press where we push ink through each stencil and onto your t-shirt to recreate the original design.
  5. Clean up – Screens are reclaimed, stripped of their ink and emulsion, and everything is prepared to start the whole process over again.

Advantages of the screen printing process

  • More apparel options – The versatility of screen printing means that we can offer more apparel options. Whether it’s cotton, polyester, dark, or light, we can make any style and fabric work.
  • Cost effective for large quantities – Despite the lengthy set up, screen printing presses run so fast that we can offer discounts for larger quantities. The more your order, the cheaper each t-shirt gets.
  • Color matching – Preparing ink for each and every design allows us to match specific colors when it matters. With the right inks, we can print even the most eye-popping designs.

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