The mission statement for Living Walls is “to promote, educate and change perspectives about public space in our communities via street art.”

Since it’s inception in 2010, Living Walls has posted over 100 murals around Atlanta. Internationally recognized artists and local favorites alike have used the city walls as platforms for dialogue for a range of issues.  The pieces can highlight current, and historical political statements to animals that may just be the artist’s signature icon.

Take in Atlanta’s John Tindel piece which resides on a dilapidated wall just under the freeway and Edgewood ave. A vibrant and intricate bird that sticks out yet blends within it’s neighborhood.

A mural by John Tindel depicting a flying bird.

Another local name is Greg Mike. His signature walls are up all around town and highly distinguishable for his mash ups of realism and animation. His ongoing and upcoming series Outer Space Project is solely dedicated to outdoor spaces and creatively exhaulting them.

A mural by Greg Mike in his trademark style.
A second Greg Mike mural near Krog Street Market.

Caroline Caldwell brings the NorthEast to the dirty South with her Living Wall of an inverted house and landscape on an unassuming side street of Edgewood ave.

A mural by Caroline Caldwell.

UberPrints has been lucky enough to shoot some of these art installations, and hopefully will continue to see new pieces pop-up. Living Walls commissioned or not, outdoor art is  a part of Atlanta’s ever changing landscape.

Posing in front of a large colorful mural.

Here are some cool installations we’ve come across lately.