The custom t-shirt market in 2024 has a wide variety of styles available for different tastes. And to help you stay in touch with the most popular looks, we created this guide to highlight the main t-shirt trends for this year.

Fashion is cyclical, so it’s no surprise that vintage designs are back in vogue; they appeal to people who appreciate an old-school aesthetic. While on the other hand, sleek designs have a more contemporary feel to them and create a bolder look.

Beyond the designs themselves, many consumers are still concerned about sustainability, which is why eco-friendly fabrics and fair-trade manufacturing methods are becoming increasingly popular among shoppers.

Let’s dive in and explore the Top Custom T-Shirt Trends for 2024.

Key Takeaways

  • Barbie inspired designs and skeletons doing sports - looks like our t-shirts are throwing it back to every decade and afterlife.
  • Mother Nature and eco-friendly tees for the win!
  • T-shirts in 2024 are embracing a blend of simplicity and whimsy, ranging from minimal design to imaginative futuristic themes.

Retro Tees

Six shirts featuring different customizable retro shirt designs.

Don’t you just love retro vibes? It’s like a big hug from the past, filled with memories and longing. In two years’ time, the custom t-shirt industry is going all out with this notion – there has been a massive influx of designs inspired by the 80s and 90s.

We're seeing a resurgence of the following design elements in retro t-shirt designs:

  • Bold and vibrant colors
  • Geometric shapes
  • Playful font usage
  • Bold patterns
Three t-shirts showing off some of our retro design templates.

And the best part? These personalized t shirt designs are not just random blasts from the past. They are a celebration of personal style and individuality, fusing old-school charm with modern designs to create a unique style that stands out in a crowd.

From neon colors and psychedelic patterns to earth tones and geometric patterns, the retro styles of the 80s and 90s are being reimagined in fresh and exciting ways. Prepare for a nostalgic journey as we explore the retro-inspired t-shirt design trends of 2024.

90s tees

A lineup of six shirts showing 90's inspired designs.

The 90s are coming back with a bang in 2024, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the world of t-shirt design. This revival is marked by bright colors, famous pop culture references, and an overall carefree attitude that was so emblematic of the era. In fact, if anything can sum up the fashion trends of 2024 it’s this: “Think pink!” — as well as green and yellow. Those shades were once splashed across t-shirts everywhere, from vintage bootleg tees to baby crop tees.

Flatlay of three different styles of baby crop tees including tanks and muscle tee version.

Yes, you read that right — baby crop tees are making a comeback. They remind us all of those unforgettable ’90s pop music video looks where the shirts were just as catchy as the tunes themselves. Snug and short, these tees offer a cheeky peek at the midsection that would make Britney Spears proud.

A single white t-shirts that features a geometric design.

It wasn’t all about color in the ’90s — it was also about shape. And this is evident in today’s t-shirt designs too: geometric shapes are playfully stacked on top of each other to create a fun and offbeat vibe that reflects the decade’s penchant for bold abstract designs.

A white t-shirt that features a Nintendo controller and says "classically trained".

T-shirts are thoughtfully designed with references to popular culture from this time period – everything from beloved TV shows to memorable song lyrics find their way onto them. So much more than being simply trendy or stylish choices though; they represent trips down memory lanes for people who have always had soft spots for these kinds of things thus stirring up fond recollections around past times long gone by.

The 90s t-shirt fashions of 2024 celebrate not only what made them such an iconic decade in terms of style but also how we interpret those looks now through fresh eyes filled with nostalgia for days gone by yet still rooted firmly within our present reality where anything can happen!

Barbie Inspired

Love Barbie? You're not alone! The Barbie-inspired trend in t-shirt design is all about bringing some of that Barbie magic into everyday wear. Think pink, playful designs, and a nod to the 80s - all wrapped up in cool t-shirts.

Three different pink tee that feature unique barbie inspired designs.

From tees with a twist on the classic Barbie logo to ones featuring fun illustrations of Barbie's dream house or car, there's something for every Barbie fan.

A pink tee that shows a sorority design that features a barbie inspired dream house.

But this trend isn't just about celebrating Barbie. It's about capturing the fun and vibrant vibe of Barbie's world in t-shirt designs that stand out. If you're looking to add a touch of Barbie's charm to your look, diving into this trend could be just the thing.

A bright pink shirt that has a barbie inspired design of a girl surrounded by flowers and bold text.

Remember, it's all about having fun with your style and making it your own. Whether you're into custom t-shirts or just love keeping up with t-shirt design trends, the Barbie-inspired look is definitely one to watch..

Groovy Designs

Groovy t-shirt designs with bold fonts and vibrant color palettes

Ready to groove? The 1970s are returning with their vibrant colors and recognizable symbols. Get funky with t-shirts that have smooth, bold lettering mixed with trippy patterns. Imagine peace signs, flowers, and mushrooms as the main event.

These designs combine retro fonts, 70s-inspired colors, and flowing text to create attention-grabbing shirts that embody the essence of the time period. Hand-drawn illustrations make each shirt unique, turning them into more than just an article of clothing – they’re a form of self-expression.

A lineup of t-shirts featuring a variety of groovy styled designs.

This trend is a nod to the laid-back, colorful style of the seventies. It’s about infusing today’s tee designs with that same sense of fun and liveliness; making shirts that will start conversations and let people’s personalities shine through.

If you dig this groovy style then these tee trends will be right up your alley. They’re great for anyone who wants to bring some attention to their custom t-shirts - whether for your business or bachelorette party.

Eco-Conscious Tees

With the growing consciousness of our environment, fashion has also become aware. T-shirt design trends in 2024 are all about sustainability. Many t-shirts today are made from recycled materials and brands such as Allmade are working towards using less water and producing less waste. They’re more than just clothes – they represent a healthier world!

Brand Feature: Allmade

A closeup of the collar and tag of the Allmade t-shirt.

Allmade is a brand deeply committed to sustainability and ethical practices in the apparel industry. Founded by a group of ten screen printers who initially sought to create high-quality shirts for printing, Allmade's journey has evolved into a mission-driven enterprise focusing on environmental and social responsibility.

The brand's foundation story begins with a transformative trip to Haiti, where the founders witnessed firsthand the challenges in garment manufacturing. This experience prompted them to pursue a business model that benefits both people and the planet.

Allmade's products are distinctive for their eco-friendly materials, including recycled polyester from plastic bottles, organic cotton, and TENCEL™ Modal from sustainable beech trees. Manufactured in facilities powered by renewable energy in Honduras and India, Allmade is not only concerned with the end product but also the welfare of its workers, creating jobs that support the local communities​​.

In terms of environmental impact, Allmade emphasizes the reduction of water use and carbon emissions in its production processes. Each Allmade t-shirt helps save significant amounts of water and prevents the equivalent of six plastic bottles from polluting the oceans. Despite these achievements, Allmade recognizes areas for improvement such as minimizing textile waste and optimizing packaging solutions to enhance their sustainability footprint further.

We offer the Allmade Sustainable Triblend which is a great option for a eco conscious t-shirt order. Besides it's positive impact on the t-shirt industry, this tee is supersoft and a great fit.

Flatlay showing three different color options for the Allmade Triblend tee. Each shirt shows a nature inspired design.

But this isn’t the only thing that sets these shirts apart from others; it’s not just what they’re made out of either – their designs often showcase environmentalism too! Featuring nature-inspired patterns or even messages that promote conservation, if saving Mother Earth is important to you then these t-shirt styles should resonate with your soul like nothing else could ever do before!

What better way can there be for us humans to show love back onto this planet than by wearing our support right on our sleeves?


Now, here’s a trend that’s truly bone-chilling - skeletons! But hold on, these aren’t your typical spooky skeletons. These are skeletons doing pretty much anything, including:

Skeletons on vacation

A bright orange shirt that has a one color design of a skeleton relaxing in a hammock on the beach.

Skeletons drinking a beer

A light green shirt that shows a design of a skeleton in a tropical shirt with a drink in hand.

Skeletons in outer space

A fun outer space themed deign that shows a skeleton astronaut floating in space.

Skeletons playing poker

A spooky tee that features a design showing skeletons wearing top hats and playing poker.

The appeal of these t-shirt designs lies in their ability to blend dark, gothic elements with light-hearted, relatable scenarios, creating a provocative and entertaining effect. Imagine a skeleton swinging a golf club with a punny caption related to bones or death, or a skeleton spinning records at a club, bringing a gothic twist to contemporary culture.

This trend reflects a broader cultural fascination with mortality and the playful defiance of the grimness associated with skeletons. If you’re in search of a t-shirt design that balances edginess with humor, this trend hits the spot.

Nature-Inspired Imagery

Nature - the use of nature scenes and plants is all over the custom tee world. From monoline nature scenes to creative flat beach designs, these shirts keep great memories alive.

A lineup of shirts featuring nature themed designs of all kinds.

These t-shirts are like wearable snapshots, capturing a snapshot of a destination or memorable trip in tee that can be reworn. Hand-drawn images of mountains, beaches, and landscapes serve as a subtle reminder of places visited, making them a perfect memento for those who love to reflect on their travels. Ideal for anyone looking to keep the memory of their adventures fresh, these nature-inspired designs offer a simple yet meaningful way to carry a piece of those experiences with you.

Three t-shirts that feature nature inspired designs.

Check out some of our favorite nature pieces. These nature scenes make incredible t-shirt designs.

Folded shirts showing even more of our nature themed templates that you can choose from.

Bold Typography Statements

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the right typography can make a thousand impressions. The t-shirt design trends for 2024 are all about making bold statements with typography.

A lineup of six shirts that all feature a unique way to use bold text in your designs.

These bold typography t-shirts are all about making a statement. They're your personal billboard for everything from a quick laugh to an advertisement for your business. You can make a statement or promote your business without saying a word.

Why not let your t-shirt speak for itself? After all, custom t-shirts not just about something to wear. It’s about a memory of a time together or a way of marketing your business. And with these bold typography t-shirts, you can do just that!


The minimalist design trend in t-shirt designs for 2024 offers a breath of fresh air. It’s a strategic embrace of simplicity that allows businesses to make a bold statement with subtlety. Here's how:

  • Opting for one color prints
  • Simplifying logos to their most basic elements
  • Focusing on clean, uncluttered aesthetics
Folded shirts showing a variety of simple and clean designs for businesses and events.

This minimalistic trend is more than just about aesthetics; it’s about being practical too. Simple designs are easier to print and often cheaper as well. They’re also versatile – these tees can blend anywhere from a boardroom to a backyard barbecue.

But let’s keep it real for a second: we’re still talking about T-shirts here, not rocket science. The idea is to wear something that doesn’t scream “look at me” but still gets the occasional nod of approval. So if you’re a business trying to look hip without looking like you’re trying too hard or just someone who wants their shirt design to stay relevant past next Tuesday, consider going minimalist – it could be your ticket into cool town.

A shirt showing an example of a simple, yet eye-catching landscaping design.

And here’s another harsh truth: nobody wants to be walking around advertising for some brand that tried too hard anyway. So when designing shirts, sometimes the best statement is no statement at all. Keep things simple, make them good and let the tee do its thing – because in a world full of loud and complicated, quiet + easy = fresh air.

Human-like Animals

Similar to skeletons, animals are acting like humans in these 2024 designs.

Custom t-shirts featuring animals partaking in human activities, like fishing, snowboarding, and running, have surged in popularity. This whimsical trend captures the imagination by placing animals in unexpected scenarios, creating a playful and often humorous visual. These designs appeal to a wide audience, from children who delight in the cute designs, to adults who appreciate the clever twist to an otherwise ordinary design.

Three shirts showing fun designs of animals, such as an alligator fishing, a bear snowboarding and a turkey running a 5k.

The appeal of these t-shirts lies in their ability to blend the familiar with the fantastical. For instance, a t-shirt might feature an alligator catching fish, or a shark surfing, or a bee wearing glasses for spelling bee tees. Each design taps into the fun of incorporating animals as humans. Moreover, these t-shirts often find a niche market at sporting events, outdoor activities, and specialty shops, where they serve as unique souvenirs or gifts that capture the playful spirit of the activities they depict.

Three shirts featuring popular animal designs.

But the animal trend is just starting. With the use of ai the amount of creative animals in clever designs is bound to take off.

Drumroll, please! The most popular color for custom t-shirts in 2024 is… Navy! Yes, you heard it right. Navy is leading the pack, following white and black, of course. It’s beating out sports grey, which was our leading color in 2023.

A closeup of navy t-shirts with a variety of designs on the front.

Navy is more than just a color. It’s an option lots of people will embrace. You want people walking around in your new branded tees? Yellows and orange may not be reworn near as much as a nice navy. Easy to wear and easy to pair with jeans or shorts.

Some great options for Navy tees are our Gildan Cotton Tee in Navy, Gildan Cotton Tee in Heather Navy, Canvas Jersey T-Shirt in Navy, and our soft option, the Canvas Triblend Jersey in Navy Triblend.

A flatlay showing four of our many different styles of navy tees that we offer.

If you're aiming for your t-shirts to be reworn, navy is the way to go.


In a nutshell, the t-shirt design trends for 2024 are all about expressing individuality, embracing nostalgia, promoting environmental awareness, making bold statements, and pushing boundaries. Whether it’s a retro tee that takes you back in time, an eco-conscious tee that reflects your commitment to the environment, or a futuristic tee that takes you into the realms of the unknown, there’s something for everyone. So, go on, embrace these trends, and let your t-shirt tell your story!

Folded shirts showing a variety of designs mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

In 2024, you'll be rocking retro tees, eco-conscious designs, skeletons, nature-inspired prints, bold typography, minimalist chic, human-like animals, and navy as the top color choice. So, get ready to be stylish and environmentally conscious!

Looks like navy is going to rule the t-shirt world in 2024. So, purchase something that will be reworn.

What is the Barbie-inspired t-shirt design trend?

So, basically, to join the Barbie-inspired t-shirt trend, just slap on some pink, add some 80s vibes, and toss in some Barbie imagery. Let's go back to the 80s, but like, even better than before!

What does the eco-conscious tee design trend involve?

The eco-conscious tee design trend involves using sustainable materials and promoting environmental awareness in t-shirt designs. It's all about looking good and saving the planet!

What is the minimalist t-shirt design trend?

Minimalist t-shirt designs save money and create a simple message or impression. Busy t-shirts are overlooked, keep it simple.