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Color is a fundamental part of design. It can make or break your t-shirt. Finding the right color palette for your design is essential. However, you don’t need to be a designer to pick a good color palette for your custom t-shirts. With our T-Shirt Color Palette series, we give you lots of inspiration to find the perfect palette.

We named this color palette Riverside due to it’s nice earthy tones.

Color Palette

Riverside is a combination of muted earth tones. These earthy tones are a versatile color palette that can work well for a lot of great t-shirt designs. Our travel t-shirt designs, restaurant t-shirts and family reunion t-shirts are all prime examples of designs this color palette would be suitable for.

A great use of this color palette is a combination of colors from our Canvas Jersey T-shirts. The colors in this photo are Heather Midnight Navy, Heather Forest, Heather Prism Dusty and Heather Prism Sunset.

T-Shirt Color Palette
T-Shirt Color Palette

Another way to use this palette is by using the colors in the actual design. Below we have included a few examples of the Riverside color palette used in the t-shirt design.

Below is the Canvas Jersey tee is Heather Prism Dusty printed with coral, denim and moss ink from the UberPrints design studio.

We Stick Together T-Shirt Design

Next we have included the Heather Midnight Navy and Heather Prism Sunset with Moss, Coral, Denim, Oasis and White ink.

The Mountains Are Calling T-Shirt Design

Our last example is the Canvas Jersey Heather Forest with Denim, Oasis, Coral and White ink.

T-Shirt Color Palette Inspiration - Travel T-Shirt Design

Point is, once you find the right color palette for your project there are numerous ways to use it. To get started, check out our T-Shirt Color Palette Inspiration posts and see which color palette best matches your t-shirt needs. From there, get creative and play around with your colors until you find the right combination that works for your design. We have tons of inspiration to help you through the process.

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