Using Our Mascot Clipart To Create The Perfect Shirt Design


Mascots are a great way to visually represent your team, brand or organization. A lion, tiger or bear just might be the perfect ingredient to your next t-shirt design. Whether you are trying to intimate your opponent with a tough viking or advertise your business with a majestic eagle, UberPrints has you covered!


UberPrints’ design team works daily to create new clip art and design templates, exclusive to our website. Our artwork library and online design studio make creating custom apparel a breeze for design amateurs and professionals alike. Panthers, pirates, bulldogs and other mascots are some of our favorite things to create.


Like much of our artwork, the mascot design process begins with a sketch. Even the roughest sketch can help you visualize your ideas and plot out the elements of your design. After rough sketching is complete, a final drawing is created. These refined drawings are then brought into Adobe Illustrator, where they are once again recreated in a digital vector format. Lastly, the final vector artwork is integrated into our website and available for free to all UberPrints customers!


Through our online design studio, you can customize mascot colors to fit perfectly with your brand. A green tiger, pink bulldog, orange bear? No problem. Pick through our huge font library, add text or upload your own images to further customize your shirt design. We offer hundreds of t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies and more, so finding the perfect color, fit and style for your project is a breeze.

Have a project that might need a mascot? Try out our design studio and design the perfect t-shirt today!



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