Shirt Design Tips: Vol 1


Doctors, lawyers, rock stars….everyone enjoys a great t-shirt. Whether you are looking to promote your business, show team spirit or make a statement; t-shirts are the ultimate form of self expression.

So you have a great idea, but need a little help putting the artwork together? Have no fear, UberPrints has your back with these shirt design tips to get you started!



While not essential, sketching is a great way to explore your ideas. Even a simple, quick sketch can help you visualize your ideas and plot your design out. The best part? No one has to see your sketch besides you.


Typography is the art of stylizing text. From the “simple and clean” to “wild and crazy”, UberPrints has hundreds of fonts to choose from. Choosing the right font can seem overwhelming, but these tips will help you design with confidence.


Less Is More – Combining different font styles will help direct the viewer’s eye across your design. As a general rule, we recommend using around 1-3 fonts per design. Using too many different typefaces can clutter the design, overwhelming the viewer.

Pairing – Mixing multiple “wild” fonts can lead to a chaotic design. Alternating between simple and “wild” fonts will flow better and be more readable.

Stylizing – UberPrint’s design studio gives you powerful tools to manipulate text and create a truly original design. Simple adjustments like arcing text and changing character spacing will make your design more dynamic and interesting.


Color is an excellent tool to set the tone of your design. Whether you are showing off school colors or putting emphasis on text, color can take your design to the next level.


Less Is More – Like typography, using too many colors can clutter a design and look tacky. Pairing minimal, complimentary colors often make for the strongest, most memorable designs.

Shirt Color – From muted fall colors to the bright and bold, UberPrints offers countless shirt color options. Allowing your garment color to show through and compliment your artwork is a great way to tie everything together, creating a strong design.

Mood – Artwork and shirt colors have the power to create mood. People often associate “warm” colors like orange and “cool” colors like blue with different emotions and subject matter. These color associations can be a powerful tool when designing a shirt.


UberPrint’s design studio gives you the power to upload your own artwork and photos or choose from thousands of unique artwork pieces from our library.


Layering – Think of your shirt design as a layered cake; maybe a circular seal in the background, a t-shirt graphic on top of that and some text on top that. UberPrint’s design studio makes layering and re-layering easy as a click of a button. Like fonts and colors, adding too many layers of artwork to your design can appear disorganized and cluttered.

Keep It Bold – Too much small detail can get lost in your design and become chaotic. Bold images with clean lines and geometric shapes will be easy to see from a distance and create iconic, memorable designs.

Symmetry – While asymmetrical designs often look great, symmetrical, centered artwork ensures a strong, easily readable design.


While these design tips are a great starting point, just remember, there is no right or wrong way to design a t-shirt. Have fun and design custom t-shirts yourself!

Stay tuned for more design tips and tutorials coming soon.

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