Athens Building: A Meaty History


UberPrints is home to a bunch of aesthetics nerds. We believe that form and function are equally important, and that is why we made it our business. Why wear a boring t-shirt, when you can create your own to show off your creativity?

When it came time to find a new building for our main office in Athens, GA, we wanted to make sure we found something we could be proud of – a building that would show off our doctrine of creativity and beauty. After carefully considering our options, we found our future home in the form of an old meat-processing plant. 

The building when we found it



Behind the dirt, grime, and garbage we saw potential with meat hooks, aluminum walls and coolers.

Under the vision of architect Carlton North, we sketched out plans and began construction. North and his team transformed our offices into something completely modern and new, but kept the bones (pun intended) of the structure’s history. 

MeatHookSlotsBeams (2)
The meat hooks

There are still signs of the building’s origin within our daily life. Consider our conference room which still is chilly, because it used to be the freezer, or the meat hook beams that outline the design office.



We couldn’t be happier with the results. Keeping the past alive within our modern building is something that us nerds can definitely get behind.

Check out the before and after of our transformation below.








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