Arts at Oakland: Queen for the Night

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The Queen of the Underworld made a special appearance above ground this past Friday night, ironically, while most in attendance stayed below the dirt.

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Artist Sanithna Phansavanh brought Persephone up from Hades with her life-sized murals inspired by the Greek Goddess. The pieces were installed throughout the historic Oakland Cemetery’s Victorian gardens as a part of their annual Arts at Oakland exhibit.

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According to mythology Hades, god of the underworld, kidnapped Persephone to be his queen. Once a year – in spring – Persephone was permitted to visit the land of the living, and upon her return flowers bloomed. The gardens along with the improvisational music and dance collective, Flight of Swallows were the perfect backdrop to her resurgence.

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UberPrints was happy to be a part of the sponsorship team. The shirts we printed for the event not only encompass Spring with the Heather Yellow Canvas Greenwhich shirt, but also bring Phansavanh’s bountiful and feminine Persephone to life on the shirt with her outlined in pink ink. We think the Goddess herself would be happy with it.

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