National Puppy Day

March 23rd is National Puppy Day! Everyone agrees, puppies are the CUTEST, but since most of UberPrints employees have watched their fur babies grow up (or have adopted adult dogs) we wanted our forever puppies to get a shout out today too!

Check out some of the beautiful best friends that we  have waiting for us when we get home, and don’t forget to make your pup a personalized doggie tank in our t-shirt design studio!

Jessica/Photographer- Bailey- Found in a  Lowes parking lot
Hanna/Operations Coordinator- Sweet Dee- Likes to get pedicures from guinea pigs
Amanda/Project Manager- Pippa (and Millie)- Confused as to why humans throw balls
Melissa/ Illustrative Artist- Cersei- She’s been around longer than Game of Thrones
Nate/Production Associate- Caprice- A family bone-loving dog named after Nate’s first car
Brittany/VP- Riley- The hardest working UberPrints catalog model
4 (1)
Ben/Graphic Artist- Elvira- A bestie rescue from the Humane Society
Libby/Copywriter- Avon Barksdale- The elusive LabPitWeanie breed
Jesse/Production Associate- Donnie “The Don”- Never leaves Jesse’s side
Tommie/ Art Director- Alyssa- A princess that requires a thrown to sleep
Cookie/CS Manager -Newman Banjo- Whines like a horse when he sees them


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