Tell the World How You Really Feel


We always knew that our customers were in style, but now that it has been confirmed by the Almighty Fashion Gods  as a trend for 2017, anyone can be uber-trendy by making their own slogan tee.

The UberPrints design studio allows you to be your own fashion designer (at off-the-rack prices)! A chance to say how you are really feeling without saying a word.

Just to see how people were expressing themselves via their shirts, we hit up the local mall. We weren’t surprised to see that slogan shirts can range from warning others about their mental status to the positives vibes they are feeling. We even found a shoe store employee whose uniform was a slogan tee!

Wanna design a slogan tee of your own? We recommend searching for the perfect font to really set the vibe of the custom t-shirt. Make sure you share your creation and tag @uberprints once you are recognized as the international fashion icon that you are.



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