Athens Building Renovations

Here at UberPrints, we’re pretty into aesthetics. We believe that form and function are equally important, and that’s one of the big reasons we got into this business. Why wear a boring plain t-shirt, when you can wear one that shows off your creativity?

When it came time to find a new building for our main office in Athens, GA, we wanted to make sure we found something we could be proud of – a building that would show off our obsession with aesthetics. After carefully considering our options, we found our future home.



Behind the dirt, grime, and garbage, we saw great potential in this building. The building is over 50 years old and for most of its life was home to a local meat-processing plant. The meatery may have moved shop some time ago, but we inhabited the building afterward .



Using the vision of Carlton North, we sketched out plans and began construction.

He and his team transformed our offices into something completely modern and new.


While the exterior has been modernized, the interior still has a hint of the building’s more industrial past, such as the steel support beams where large sides of meat once hung, but this only gives our building character that reflects our own unique personality. 


We’ve included some great before and afters for you below. Enjoy!







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